With such a unique niche, what is the vision of a community and comprehensive lab and what does that mean to consultants being able to go to a physician and offering a comprehensive set of solutions for the patients at that office?

Being a community based lab means a couple of different things:

  • If a provider has a question on a specific test that is resulted out to them, they don’t call a customer service bank like they do at our competitors where they have a cheat sheet card where they can answer about 10 scripted questions.  They can actually get a hold of the lab tech that ran the test and understand clearly what occurred when they ran that test.
  • If they have a specific question on a CBC and on a white blood cell count elevated and it doesn’t appear the patient should have an elevated white count they can discuss through what looks like occurred.
  • Providers appreciate the fact that if they do need to speak with somebody, they are not going to a customer service representative they are going to the technician that ran the test and has the analysis in front of them to get into a deeper discussion on that particular test.
  • Questions brought to your attention in a particular physicians office that you are unsure of, chances are Premier has a solution for that.

Think of Premier Lab Solutions as the first line of defense in solving your customers needs. Premier can be the one stop solution for all your lab needs.  That’s why they contracted and they went for the in-network solution.  You don’t have to worry about sending to our competitors or sending to Premier because, for most instances, they have the solution with their diverse payors.

  • There is the occasional outlier, our competitors don’t have every contract and Premier doesn’t have every contract. Premier Lab Solutions is growing their footprint daily and currently have resourced 1700 current contracts.
  • If you call in and have a specific payor need Premier will search their contract database and respond quickly. If more research time is needed they will provide you with a timeline on how they are going to attack and obtain the information for you.
  • Most reference labs, currently, are small in nature and limited in scope. Most of them tend to be small toxicology and genetics labs.  This differentiates Premier Lab Solutions, as their ultimate goal is being in-network and a full service reference lab.
  • If you have an Oncology group, a Pediatric group, an Internal Medicine group what ever the specialty may be they will have solutions and be able to handle all the testing that occurs within the walls of those practices. Premier does not have maximum capabilities today, but they will be scaling and providing a calendar with launch dates by specialty.  In addition, they will provide you the specialized testing to help monetize your practice.
  • They will come to the different practices and inform you of the hot buttons, such as flow  and psychometry, elctrophresis, whatever the testing channel may be.  With security, they can map out and show you what the return would be.

We are more than just a toxicology lab, we are a reference lab with lots of solutions for providers and patients.