Company Spotlight: Customer Service

Company Spotlight: Customer Service

In today’s world, having an excellent customer care team is crucial, otherwise clients and customers will find an alternative company to work with. Premier Lab Solutions is proud to offer world class customer service as one of the top priorities in the company.

Premier Lab Solutions defines its success as an industry leader via three pillars of support within the customer care team:

  • Round-the-clock availability and rapid response times – Customers value their time above all else. To combat long waits and correlating frustrations, Premier Lab Solutions offers patients support via phone lines, email, and walk-up visits 7 days a week. Bi-lingual representatives are also available to assist Spanish-speaking patients.

  • Validating customer feedback – Ongoing adaptability requires understanding customer needs as they happen, and at Premier Lab Solutions, customer feedback is very important. When customers are happy or compliment an aspect of service, employees forward the feedback to the rest of the team. Any negative feedback is analyzed by multiple departments and used as a tool to constantly improve lab services and future customer experience.

  • Customer self-service – In order to empower customers to help themselves, Premier Lab Solutions provides self-service tools through the web portal. From there, customers can instantly and automatically receive their testing results and keep track of prior testing for themselves and their families.

Premier Lab Solutions understands its customers and strives to meet expectations in a constantly shifting industry. The customer service team is an integral part of the company connecting patients to services in an effective, meaningful way. Learn more about Premier Lab Solutions by reaching out today. Our customer care specialists are ready to assist.