Company Spotlight: COVID-19 Testing

Company Spotlight: COVID-19 Testing

When the pandemic hit, many cities and organizations struggled to implement COVID-19 testing while Premier Lab Solutions was perfectly poised to enter the COVID-19 testing industry. While other labs were working to implement testing procedures and safety protocols, Premier Lab Solutions was securing its initial contracts with major municipalities, counties, and government agencies including The City of Phoenix, State of Arizona, and Maricopa County. Being one of the forerunners of the pandemic, Premier Lab Solutions has set the industry standard for COVID-19 testing in Arizona. The pandemic is an ongoing crisis, so finding a top-tier laboratory to handle COVID-19 testing is important to patients, businesses, and the community as a whole.

Here are ways that Premier Lab Solutions stands apart from the rest:

  • Quick and Easy Testing – Patients can visit one of several valley wide locations via appointment or walk-up for a quick and easy COVID-19 test, with results provided the next day. A HIPAA compliant self-service portal allows patients to receive and print results, as well as keep track of testing history. Phone lines are open 7 days a week where a live customer service representative can answer questions or concerns.
  • Accurate Results – Tests are always Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and with High Efficiency Antigen Testing (the gold-standard for detection) for the most accurate results available. Customers can be confident the results they receive are as correct as possible. Tests can be run and are effective for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.
  • Ruling Out What Ails You – Often times COVID-19 and the Flu appear very similar and it can be hard to discern which is which. New testing methods allow patients to test for Flu A + Flu B in addition to COVID-19.

Many testing locations are available valley wide ready to serve the community. Often, pop-up locations will appear around the city and surrounding counties to help stop the spread in local areas. Schedule a testing appointment to eliminate wait time, or simply find a location to do a walk-up or drive-thru test.