Employee Spotlight: Jaime Anderson, Director of Laboratory Services

Employee Spotlight: Jaime Anderson, Director of Laboratory Services

Our new Employee Spotlight aims to showcase our brightest and most talented employees working here at Premier Lab Solutions. Meet Jaime Anderson, Director of Laboratory Services, of the Phoenix Molecular, Toxicology, and Core laboratories. Jaime has been a team member at Premier Lab Solutions since 2020 and brings her valuable knowledge and skills from years of experience as a laboratorian and manager.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with an emphasis in Forensics, Jaime’s education goals were to land an exciting job working at a crime lab performing forensic toxicology. She swiftly attained her goal and just after a couple of short years, found the crime lab to be a bit tedious and transitioned to a sales position at an instrumentation manufacturer. From there she exponentially grew her skills as a scientist by learning about a variety of analytical testing applications and instrumentation including chromatography and mass spectrometry. After a while, Jaime missed the laboratory atmosphere, so transitioned back to the lab working for a local forensic toxicology lab where she spent twelve years as a certifying scientist, technical supervisor, and laboratory manager.  During that time, she also pursued a Master of Science degree in Chemistry, which she obtained in 2019. 

When Jaime came aboard Premier Lab Solutions as a technical supervisor and lab manager, she focused on quality and improvement across the toxicology, core, and molecular labs. She spends her days overseeing all aspects of the laboratories and continues developing a good team of highly-skilled, cross-functional technologists. When asked what she enjoys most about her role, she replies, “My team.” Jaime has an excellent working relationship with the technical staff and really enjoys expanding the core lab alongside them.

One of the highlights of Premier Lab Solutions that Jaime prizes is the comparison of bigger labs and their often slow-moving, lumbering processes versus our small, swift, and nimble operations with an emphasis on our ability to offer more customized services to clients. “This really sets us apart,” she explains.

Jaime enjoys her time at Premier Lab Solutions and plans to continue adding new testing services and expanding the core lab. Due to her great work, Premier Lab Solutions continues to be innovative and on the front line for all laboratory services.