Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Hubsmith, Director of Wound Management

Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Hubsmith, Director of Wound Management

The aim of Employee Spotlight is to highlight the exceptional talent and brilliance of our employees. Meet Lindsay Hubsmith, the Director of Wound Management for Premier Wound Solutions. Lindsay has been at Premier Wound Solutions since November 2022, leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience from years running her own Wound practice. Beyond her professional achievements, Lindsay finds joy in her time away from the clinic as a devoted mother to two boys. She enjoys the outdoors as well, spending time fly fishing and skiing.

PLS: What initially sparked your interest in the field of medicine?

Lindsay:  When I was in high school, I had a PA in my hometown who provided excellent healthcare to our whole community, and I knew at that point that I wanted to have a similar career and a similar impact on my own community.

PLS: Tell us about running your own Wound Care practice.

Lindsay:  In 2016 I left my Cardiology position and was now responsible for the actual wound and the treatment…I realized very quickly that there were limitations to our local outpatient clinic, especially for those of my patients that were in skilled nursing facilities, and it really inspired me to the idea that we could be doing it better.

PLS: How do your providers operate in concert with the facility medical directors?

Lindsay:  We assist in alleviating administrative and nursing burdens by providing our own orders before we leave any facility. So, we will see the patient, provide all of the documentation, and then provide accurate orders that the nurses can then follow before we’ve even left the building.

PLS: Cool, sounds very efficient.

Lindsay: Yes. We work hard to write the orders and ensure they are being followed week to week and adjust them as clinically appropriate.

PLS: Can you tell us about a key milestone that has shaped your career or that you’re proud of?

Lindsay: I had a patient who was in his mid-40s. He was a type 1 diabetic and had had bilateral wounds on his legs for seven years. He spent seven years of his life going three times a week [to get his legs wrapped]. We were able to use graft him in the clinic using an amniotic membrane and within six weeks we had all of his wounds closed. He came to me and was just absolutely in tears because he said, “I could shower!” and you don’t think about what a blessing that is until you can’t do it. That made his life better and that makes you feel at least like you’re making a difference and you’re having an impact.

PLS: Can you discuss any groundbreaking techniques or practices that your team has implemented to address complex wound care challenges?
Lindsay: We have worked hard to streamline our process to ensure the timely treatment of wounds because time equals tissue. So, the faster that we can implement an accurate and targeted treatment plan, we lower the risk of further complications like infection or amputation.

PLS: In what ways do you envision further contributing to the advancement of your Advanced Wound Care practice in the future?
Lindsay: We hope to continue to create lasting relationships/partnerships with facilities and the patients they care for by providing cutting-edge wound care.

PLS: What advice would you give to individuals seeking to pursue a career in wound management or medicine?
Lindsay: Community involvement. Consider working in a facility in any capacity that they can. Whether it’s volunteering or working as a DNA. Get exposure and serve those facilities in your community.