Company Spotlight: Premier Pharmacy Solutions

Company Spotlight: Premier Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacy Solutions Made Simple

Introducing Premier Pharmacy Solutions, a chain of closed-door Long-Term Care (LTC) pharmacies dedicated to providing pharmacy services for hospices, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities to best care for their patients.

With an efficient new turn-key solution to patient care, utilizing multiple cutting edge machines, systems, and processes, facilities and patient care administrators can now quickly and easily provide custom medication care. This all-in-one solution to an ever-changing industry makes compliance tracking and accountability easier than ever. By reducing the burden of machine supervision and patient medication tracking, facilities are more available to focus on what they do best: patient care.

Some of the highlights of Premier Pharmacy Solutions:

  • Automated Compliance Packaging. Our machines can create all three compliance packaging options (single-dose bubble, multi-dose bubble, and pouches) for faster, more accurate dispensing and administering of patient medications.
  • Improved Prescription Accuracy. Our Perl machine scans and photo categorizes every prescription prior to a pharmacist review. This combination of accountability produces extra accurate results.
  • New Storage Locker System. Patients are assigned their very own medication locker with strict security measures to ensure safeguarding. These measures prevent theft and ensure proper dosage and accountability.

We pride ourselves on our advanced technology and efficient processes that empower facilities and administrators to deliver tailored medication care effortlessly. Experience seamless compliance tracking and enhanced accountability with our all-in-one solution.

For more information on Premier Pharmacy Solutions, contact us. Our expert pharmacists are standing by ready to assist.