Company Spotlight: COVID-19 Testing

By PLSAdmin | March 7, 2023

When the pandemic hit, many cities and organizations struggled to implement COVID-19 testing while Premier Lab Solutions was perfectly poised to enter the COVID-19 testing industry. While other labs were working to implement testing procedures and safety protocols, Premier Lab Solutions was securing its initial contracts with major municipalities, counties, and government agencies including The […]

PLS Company Overview: The Solution for SNFs

By PLSAdmin | February 17, 2023

Christopher Cochrane, Project Manager of Premier Lab Solutions (PLS) had the opportunity to be interviewed by INtouch Senior Services team Kerry Halcomb and Ligia Naik for the 4th Annual NFSMPHX Expo for Senior Living event. In their discussion, they chat about how Premier Lab Solutions is one of the fastest-growing local mobile laboratories as well […]

Your Solution To The Nursing Shortage

By PLSAdmin | February 16, 2023

The United States is facing a serious nursing shortage which is having a cascading effect on the world of medicine, causing a nationwide crisis for many healthcare facilities. This serious issue is only expected to increase as the ripples spread outward and create more peripheral problems. Why is there a nursing shortage?                                  Staff Turnover: […]

Company Spotlight: Toxicology

By PLSAdmin | January 10, 2023

Drug testing is vital to the level of care provided to your patients, practice, and community. Through compliance-based drug screening, our comprehensive drug screenings are designed to detect the most common drugs used today, such as prescribed medications and drug metabolites. Our state-of-the-art LC/MS machinery/technology has the ability to detect low levels of an illegal […]

Understanding Monkeypox

By PLSAdmin | December 13, 2022

Monkeypox is making headlines and alerting health experts as cases appear in the United States. So, what is monkeypox? Monkeypox, a viral disease passed to animals and humans, is very rare in the United States. It’s usually found in Central and West Africa. As monkeypox cases rise in Europe and the United States, health authorities […]

Repeat COVID Becomes Deadlier with Each Infection

By PLSAdmin | December 5, 2022

A study published in the November 10th, 2022 issue of Nature Medicine, discovered that becoming reinfected with COVID-19 doubles your risk of death from related health issues, and triples your risk for hospitalization. Moreover, the researchers stated the risks and burdens associated with reinfection remained, even after accounting for differences in COVID-19 variants such as Delta, Omicron, […]

COVID vs. Flu: When to Test for Both 

By PLSAdmin | November 21, 2022

The Symptoms of COVID and Influenza are very similar. Which should you test for?   Three years ago, if a patient was complaining of body aches, cough, headache, chills, or diarrhea, you would have bet your bottom thermometer that it was the flu. However, when SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) hit the US in January of 2020, the diagnosis became more […]

Tridemic: COVID, RSV, and Flu, Oh My!

By PLSAdmin | November 1, 2022

Medical professionals are warning of a potential tridemic this winter season consisting of surges in cases of new COVID-19 variants, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), as well as Flu A & B. With the relaxed mask mandates and back-to-office workforces, these three outbreaks could spell trouble for most of the American population. Read more about each […]

Choosing A Skilled Nursing Home Facility

By PLSAdmin | October 19, 2022

Conducting thorough research on a potential skilled nursing facility or a post-acute rehab hospital is essential to ensuring the best possible treatment during recovery. Here are some important considerations to help you make an informed decision. First and ForemostBefore selecting a facility, consider taking the following steps: Get recommendations from friends, family and coworkers Visit […]

Four Major COVID-19 Variants: What You Should Know

By PLSAdmin | October 6, 2022

If there is one thing everyone can agree upon about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is that it is constantly evolving. Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen four prominent variants, which include Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Omicron. The World Health Organization (WHO) names new coronavirus variants using the letters of the […]