Reimagining Post-Acute Care: The Rise of Resort-Style Skilled Nursing Facilities

By PLSAdmin | August 2, 2023

Whether a parent or loved one requires extra assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, medication management due to natural aging, or having undergone a major medical procedure, it may be time to consider looking into a skilled nursing facility or post-acute care center. One type of skilled nursing facility that has become increasingly […]

Hemoglobin Instability in Chronic Care Patients:  Pseudoanemia and Stress Reactions

By PLSAdmin | July 28, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Posture and Stress:  Understanding Impact on Blood Indices and Anemia Management Pseudoanemia As a service provider catering to the geriatric population, dealing with anemia among your residents is common. However, there is a perplexing condition known as pseudoanemia that can create confusion. Despite having a normal or even increased red blood […]

Company Spotlight: Premier Pharmacy Solutions

By PLSAdmin | July 18, 2023

Pharmacy Solutions Made Simple Introducing Premier Pharmacy Solutions, a chain of closed-door Long-Term Care (LTC) pharmacies dedicated to providing pharmacy services for hospices, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities to best care for their patients. With an efficient new turn-key solution to patient care, utilizing multiple cutting edge machines, systems, and processes, facilities and patient […]

Premier Lab Solutions Gets Featured in Cronkite News

By PLSAdmin | June 26, 2023

Premier Lab Solutions has been featured in an article from Cronkite News regarding the efforts of the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) in providing vaccines and COVID-19 tests to underserved communities. Premier Lab Solutions, a prominent healthcare provider, has played a crucial role in this initiative by partnering with ADHS to facilitate mobile vaccination […]

Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Hubsmith, Director of Wound Management

By PLSAdmin | June 26, 2023

The aim of Employee Spotlight is to highlight the exceptional talent and brilliance of our employees. Meet Lindsay Hubsmith, the Director of Wound Management for Premier Wound Solutions. Lindsay has been at Premier Wound Solutions since November 2022, leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience from years running her own Wound practice. Beyond her professional achievements, Lindsay […]

Premier Wound Solutions attends IHCA in Sun Valley

By PLSAdmin | June 14, 2023

Premier Wound Solutions, a leading provider of advanced wound care at the bedside, recently significantly impacted the highly acclaimed IHCA Spring Workshop held in the picturesque setting of Sun Valley, Idaho. The workshop, renowned for its focus on healthcare advancements and innovative solutions, brought together prominent industry experts, healthcare professionals, and researchers to explore ideas […]

Employee Spotlight: Jaime Anderson, Director of Laboratory Services

By PLSAdmin | May 10, 2023

Our new Employee Spotlight aims to showcase our brightest and most talented employees working here at Premier Lab Solutions. Meet Jaime Anderson, Director of Laboratory Services, of the Phoenix Molecular, Toxicology, and Core laboratories. Jaime has been a team member at Premier Lab Solutions since 2020 and brings her valuable knowledge and skills from years of experience […]

Premier Lab Solutions Hosts a Caregiver CE Class

By PLSAdmin | May 1, 2023

Last month, Premier Lab Solutions partnered with AALHA to host a Caregiver Continuing Education class on Fungal Infections in Assisted Living Facilities. A synergy of two new company divisions drove a symbiotic partnership between advanced wound care with Premier Wound Solutions and treatment options for common fungal infections with Premier Pharmacy Solutions. Presenting the class […]

Premier Lab Solutions Celebrates National Lab Week

By PLSAdmin | April 27, 2023

National Lab Week (April 24-28, 2023) is an annual celebration of medical and lab professionals who play an important role in healthcare. Premier Lab Solutions celebrates the appreciation of all staff by hosting a fun activities week with food, games, and activities. Take a look at some of the fun events happening throughout the week: […]

Fungus Among Us– A “New” Drug-Resistant Fungus is Invading Healthcare Facilities

By PLSAdmin | April 11, 2023

Before 2009 you would have never heard of Candida auris (C. auris). This relatively new fungus is spreading primarily in healthcare facilities such as assisted living and hospital settings, causing deadly infections and illness in humans. It is especially dangerous to elderly and immunocompromised patients but can also affect healthy people. Per the CDC, C. […]