PMDLab – Sacramento, California

PMDLab is a Premier Lab Solutions (PLS) family location servicing Northern California, specializing in Molecular Diagnostics, Chemistry, Toxicology, and COVID testing. Through innovation and technology, PMDLab is dedicated to improving health outcomes, increasing patient and provider satisfaction, and providing economic value. PMDLab prioritizes exceptional customer support and whether through collections, testing, or resulting, all operations are staffed and trained to meet the customers’ needs with accountability, professionalism, and integrity.

The Sacramento facility has over 8,000 square feet of clinical laboratory space and testing capabilities of 1,000 PCR per day for Candida testing and 10,000 COVID PCR per day. Upon request, PMDLab can also provide expedited testing, Covid-19 rapid antigen, complete clinical laboratory services, microbiology, urine toxicology, and an extensive suite of molecular solutions.

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Premier Lab Solutions Contact Information:

Phone: 602-441-2808
Fax: 916-520-0923
Address: 4630 Northgate Blvd | Suite #150 | Sacramento, CA 95834